Why do we plant trees?

Since the beginning of FlightDelay, we have been thinking about integrating an ecological conscience into the project and trying to make a contribution to this enormous planet on our tiny scale.



1 tree = 350km travelled

A tree is capable of storing 150 kg of CO2 throughout its life. This makes it possible to compensate for 350 km travelled by plane.

1 tree = 4 months of oxygen

A person needs 700 g of oxygen per day when the tree stores up to 150 kg of oxygen per year. To cover the needs of one person, 3 trees planted per year are necessary.

1 tree = 1 hour of work

Planting and maintaining a tree can take up to 1 hour of work.

1 tree = 3 animal shelters

Trees help to develop the biodiversity of our natural areas. A deciduous tree represents 3 animal shelters.